1.6 beta

It’s time for the 1.6 Beta! This new version has a revisited UI and some great new features.
To install the new beta simply point the BB Browser to the following page and select the app package for your device:

Some things to test:

  • Are all of your blogs still in the app if you upgraded?
  • Try to post a quick photo.
  • If you have a WordPress.com blog in the app, try out the new Read function. Change filters, like some posts, view Freshly Pressed, and more.
  • Try the new File Picker, is it fast? Responsive? (It now sort files by last-modification date.)
  • The Posts/Pages/Comments lists now have infinite loading. Check to make sure it keeps loading your content.
  • Is the new Dashboard rendered like it should? See example.

Your help in testing it out before we release to the RIM AppWorld is greatly appreciated.
Please try out all of the new features and try to break the Beta. If nasty things happen or if you have any feedback, please post a comment here. Remember it helps to know which device and BlackBerry OS version you are running.