1.6 Beta 2

1.6 Beta 2 is ready for testing. Please test the following changes:

  • Fix for an issue reported last week where picture would appear rotated in QuickPhoto on devices with a gyroscope #222.
  • QuickPhoto is now available for devices with OS5 or higher (yay!).
  • Keyboard shortcuts keys added on the Post/Page/Comment Lists.
    • “N” – move to the next item in the list.
    • “P” – move to previous item in the list.
    • “T” – move to the first item of the list.
    • “B” – move to the last item of the list.
  • Fix for an issue on the location module where the device location is not sent to the blog #223.
  • Improved the WordPress.com Mobile Reader experience.
  • Added new icons on the main Dashboard.

To install Beta 2, point the BB Browser to the this page and select the app package for your device: